About us

VoxEurop is a European news and debate website, publishing in ten languages. Born from a desire to continue the work of Presseurop, the news platform that closed in December 2013, it aims to cover current affairs for the widest possible European audience.

Operating with full editorial and financial independence, VoxEurop is managed by a non-profit organisation that aims to contribute to the development of informed European public opinion through the publication of quality content translated into ten languages.

In undertaking this initiative, VoxEurop relies on the support of a team of professional journalists and translators, as well as donations from readers and other parties interested in the circulation of ideas and the emergence of a European public sphere. Join our community on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

VoxEurop had 1.250 million unique visitors per year (as of June 2016).


For general enquiries, please contact contact@voxeurop.eu

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Mike Woods is editor of Presseurop English. For enquiries, please contact en@voxeurop.eu.

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