Germany-Russia: Warm relations

Warm relations – Mohr
19 November 2012 – Süddeutsche Zeitung (Munich)

Angela Merkel —

That’s not very hot!

On the occasion of her 16 November visit to Moscow, the German Chancellor criticised the recent sentencing of two members of the feminist punk band Pussy Riot to two years in a prison camp for having chanted slogans hostile to President Vladimir Putin. The Russian leader responded that the young women were "indefensible" and “anti-Semitic". In particular, he cited the stage hanging of homosexuals, Jews and migrants that featured in performances by the group Voïna in which one of the women was involved.

At the same time, Merkel took the opportunity to speak of Germany’s reliance on Russian raw materials, as well as her gas (40% of gas consumed in Germany comes from Russia) and oil.