Air Travel: Mayday ! Mayday ! Mayday !

Mayday ! Mayday ! Mayday ! – Nicolas Vadot
8 January 2013 – Le Vif/L’Express (Brussels)

Attention passengers: The crisis means that we must try and save money on fuel, but we will still do our best not to crash...

I see that Ireland has taken over the controls.

It looks like its Ryanair.

While Ireland took over the rotating presidency of the EU at the beginning of the year, four Ryanair pilots appeared on Dutch television channel KRO to condemn poor working conditions and theft at the Irish low-cost airline.

They complained of being under constant pressure from management "dictators", as well as the fact that, in order to try and save money, the company regularly asks them to fly with less fuel that they would like. Ryanair denied the pilots' allegations.