Netherlands: Second nuclear plant postponed

23 December 2011
NRC Handelsblad

NRC Handelsblad, 23 December 2011

**Headlining with "Growing doubts about the construction of Borssele II," NRC Handelsblad reports on construction firm Delta’s decision to postpone the building of the country's second nuclear power plant, which has mainly been prompted by the reluctance of Delta’s two partners, Germany’s RWE and France’s EDF. Without them, Delta will struggle to pay the costs for the project, which are estimated at 4.5 billion euros.

In its editorial, NRC urges the government to find "other ways to achieve the necessary energy diversification; obviously, if possible, in the context of a cooperative European venture.” The newspaper adds: “It is hard to imagine how diversification can be implemented in a manner that is good for the environment without nuclear power in the mix." Adding to Delta’s worries, 69 professors have signed an open letter against the power plant, which they claim is "unnecessary, costly, unprofitable and unsustainable."**