France: ‘France has never had so many unemployed’

26 April 2013 – Presseurop Le Figaro
Le Figaro, 26 April 2013

The number of jobless reached 3.224 million in March, the equivalent of 10.2 per cent of the workforce. Unemployment has increased by 11.5 per cent in a year exceeding the record set in 1997.

"Moreover, although it cannot admit it, the government does not really believe in the presidential cant about a reduction in unemployment this year," notes Le Figaro. In its editorial, the conservative daily calls for "major resources" to combat unemployment [...] even if that means going against accepted socialist doctrine": a drastic cut in labour costs, an end to the 35-hour week, and a major overhaul of unemployment benefits.

These are "measures […] that the most solid European countries implemented ages ago," points out the newspaper.