Immigration: Berlin unwilling to accept refugees

11 April 2011
Die Welt

, 11 April 2011

"Refugees ought not to come to Germany," announcesDie Welt. The position that Berlin is expected to adopt when European interior ministers meet to discuss immigration on 11 April is unlikely to be welcomed by Italy which has called for solidarity in the drive to cope with thousands of immigrants who have recently arrived from North Africa. “Italy’s dirty tricks amount to unacceptable blackmail," remarks the conservative daily, which nonetheless acknowledges that "it is inadmissible that Italy and Malta pay the price for changes that are in all of Europe’s interest." For Die Welt, Europe should come together to invest in Arab countries to bring about positive change and reinforce cooperation on the issue of migration flows: “What is a major problem for Italy and Malta could be considerably reduced if it was shared by the EU’s 27 member states."