Greece: Angry Ones protest weakens government

6 June 2011
Ta Nea

, 6 June 2011

In the wake of the record turnout for the 5 June “Angry Ones” demonstration before the Greek parliament in Syntagma Square, left-wing daily Ta Nealeads with the headline "messages and dilemmas." The messages are those voiced by "some 120,000 angry people intent on shouting their despair outside parliament and majority MPs who are distancing themselves from Prime Minister George Papandreou.” The socialist PASOK MPs have presented the Prime Minister with a dilemma, writes Ta Nea: “with a few days to run before the parliamentary vote on the new austerity plan, George Papandreou does not know if he should reshuffle the cabinet or make a last-ditch attempt to rally his majority to avoid early general elections.”