Czech Republic: Prague braces for anti-austerity strike

13 June 2011
Hospodářské Noviny

, 13 June 2011

“Government vs. Unions 1-0. Round two next Thursday”: on its front-page, Hospodářské novinyreports on one of the biggest ever transport strikes in the history of the country. Planned for Monday 13 June, the protest against reforms linked to the government’s austerity measures was to take place in Prague and other major Czech cities. However, the capital’s municipal court ruled that the event should be postponed until 16 June, because the organisers failed to give the required 72 hours of advance notice. According to a poll cited by the newspaper, half of the Czech population considers the reforms to be unacceptable and close to 60% of respondents support the strike, which could cost the transport sector 10 million euros. The newspaper notes that in response to the threat of repeated industrial action, Petr Nečas’ government is preparing a minimum service law. While the streets of the capital remain blocked, the citizens of Prague have been advised to use their bicycles.