United Kingdom: Politicians united against mass strikes

29 June 2011
The Independent

The Independent, 29 June 2011

“Britain takes sides,” headlines the Independent, as Labour party leader Ed Miliband joined David Cameron in urging trade unions not to press ahead with a mass strike, scheduled for 30 June. Up to 750,000 teachers, lecturers and civil servants may join the 24-hour walkout over the Government's proposals to cuts pensions. “In addition to the 2 million children likely to be given the day off as their teachers man picket lines at the school gates, air passengers were advised not to travel because of striking immigration staff,” the London daily writes, adding that “The courts system has plans to run a skeleton service.” After PM David Cameron’s declaration that the strikes were “wrong”, the leader of the Labour party, historically linked to the trade union movement, asked both sides to “think again.” Said Mr Miliband, "Strikes are a sign of failure on both sides and Thursday's industrial action is a mistake."