Germany: Terrorist plot foiled in Berlin

9 September 2011 – Presseurop Die Welt
Die Welt, 9 September 2011

“Bombmakers arrested in Berlin”, headlines Die Welt following the arrest of two suspects — a Lebanese man with German citizenship and another man from Gaza — who were in possession of products used to make bombs when they were caught. There are an estimated 1,000 dangerous Islamists in Germany: that’s not insignificant, notes one columnist at the daily, but “another Mohammed Atta [the man who coordinated the September 11 attacks from Hamburg and piloted the first aircraft launched against the World Trade Center] would probably be under surveillance today.” “Security forces in Germany are remarkably effective, working proactively and quietly,” the daily writes. “No one wants a society of fear. That is why the debate on ideological and violent Islamism and the question of Muslim integration in German society – and in democratic society – has defused tensions.” Today, believes Die Welt, “the Germans are calmer, more mature and not so easy to rattle. What worries them most this year is the future of Europe – specifically, the euro. And this fear is justified.”