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8 February 2012
La Libre Belgique, Clarín, La Stampa & 4 others
  • Eurozone crisis

    Greece clings to euro

    "Despite a general strike, the wrath of thousands of Greeks and dissenting voices within the European Commission, everything is being done, it seems, to keep Greece in the euro."

    Original article in La Libre Belgique fr
    La Libre Belgique Brussels
  • United Kingdom-Argentina

    Malvinas: no change and protests at UN continue

    Argentinean president Cristina Kirchner has announced the publication of a report on the 1982 Falklands war with Britain. She also plans to denounce Britain's recent "militarisation of the South Atlantic" at the UN. London has already sent Prince William to the region and intends also to send in a destroyer.

    Original article in Clarín es
    Clarín Buenos Aires
  • Italy

    Frost, warning for the economy

    Faced with the cold snap, Italy has had to import emergency supplies of gas, but too late for 400 companies which have had to already had to temporarily close. The advent of snow has made the economic situation worse and "lays bare the moral and energy weaknesses of the country," writes the Turin daily.

    Original article in La Stampa it
    La Stampa Turin
  • Czech Republic

    End of the atomic fiction: only Temelin instead of 18 reactors

    Martin Kuba, the Czech Republic's new Minister of Industry, has curbed the nuclear expansion plans of his predecessor, Martin Kocourek, who sought to boost reliance on nuclear to 80 percent of all energy needs by 2060. "What is realistic is completing next two blocks in Temelin and extending the life of the Dukovany (nuclear plant) until 2035," he said.

    Original article in Hospodářské Noviny cs
    Hospodářské Noviny Prague
  • Energy

    Europe in grip of winter and Russian gas

    The cold snap once again demonstrates how the Europe is dependent on Russian energy, laments the Croatian daily. Resources being limited, the construction of the South Stream pipeline will not change the situation.

    Večer Maribor
  • Poland

    The Afghan plan

    The Warsaw daily reports that the Polish military contingent in Afghanistan will be reduced from 2,500 to 1,800 by the autumn. A formal decision on withdrawal is expected in the coming days.

    Original article in Gazeta Wyborcza pl
    Gazeta Wyborcza Warsaw
  • Northern Ireland

    Prayers for Paisley

    Northern Ireland's leaders – both Unionists and Nationalists – have called on their fellow citizens to pray for the Reverend Ian Paisley. The firebrand religious leader and former Northern Ireland First Minister, 85, has been in intensive care since February 6 due to heart problems.

    Original article in The Belfast Telegraph en
    The Belfast Telegraph Belfast