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1 March 2012
Süddeutsche Zeitung, La Vanguardia, Gazeta Wyborcza & 4 others
  • Eurozone crisis

    Merkel changes her mind: more money for EFSM

    The German Chancellor is prepared to raise funding for the European Financial Stabilisation Mechanism from €500 billion to €750 billion euros. Germany will pay €280 billion of this.

    Original article in Süddeutsche Zeitung de
    Süddeutsche Zeitung Munich
  • Spain

    Social unrest breaks out in Barcelona and Valencia

    Thousands of students demonstrated in major cities to protest against austerity measures that have hit education.

    Original article in La Vanguardia es
    La Vanguardia Barcelona
  • Internet

    Big Brother Google

    Google's new policy regarding the collection of users' data enters into force today, March 1. The EU and several member states are concerned this policy violates users' privacy.

    Original article in Gazeta Wyborcza pl
    Gazeta Wyborcza Warsaw
  • Netherlands

    EU threatens criminal proceedings on migration

    The European Commission has threatened to bring criminal proceedings against the Netherlands if it refuses to relax new rules on the expulsion of unemployed immigrants.

    Original article in NRC Handelsblad nl
    NRC Handelsblad Amsterdam
  • Slovakia

    Author of “Gorilla” file must remain silent

    Two months after revelations of a vast network of corruption that has shaken the Slovakia's political scene, investigators can still not interrogate the intelligence agent behind the leaking of the report code-named “Gorilla”.

    Original article in SME sk
    SME Bratislava
  • Italy

    Susa Valley, a day of fire

    Police have dismantled barricades that blocked the Turin-Bardonecchia road for several days in protest against a future high-speed train line between Lyon and Turin. Several dozen people, including 13 policemen, were injured.

    Original article in La Repubblica it
    La Repubblica Rome
  • Romania

    The revolution is inside us

    On 1 March, Romanian speakers celebrate the arrival of spring, by offering women handmade jewelry called “Martisor”.

    Original article in Jurnalul Naţional ro
    Jurnalul Naţional Bucharest