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8 May 2012 – Presseurop To Ethnos, Le Figaro, Corriere della Sera & 4 others

Antonis Samaras, the leader of New Democracy (right) has failed to form a government following the May 6 elections. Alex Tsipras, leader of Syriza, the coalition of the radical left that came in second, will try to agree with other leftist parties on an anti-austerity policy, while holding onto the euro. If that fails, new elections will be held on June 10 or 17.

To Ethnos, Athens

Message for a government of the left

The German Chancellor has set out her conditions to the French President-elect, ruling out any renegotiation of the European fiscal pact and any initiatives that will lead to “deficit growth".

Le Figaro, Paris

Hollande-Merkel: first disagreement over Europe

Following the first round of municipal by-elections – the first electoral test since Mario Monti took office in November – most mayoralty candidates of the Freedom Party of Silvio Berlusconi and the Northern League have been eliminated. The left is emerging strengthened, while in some cities the "anti-establishment" movement of the comedian Beppe Grillo is nearing 10 percent.

Corriere della Sera, Milan

The collapse of the PDL and the League, the shock of Grillo

The government has forced Rato to step down to save Bankia.

The former economy minister and previous head of the IMF – and member of the Popular Party (PP), now in power – has resigned from the presidency of the second largest savings union in the country. The move by Rodrigo Rato is intended to avoid any perception that the recapitalisation by the state of the group, which is highly exposed on the real estate front, constitutes "public assistance to a person related to the PP".

El Mundo, Madrid

The government forces Rato out to save Bankia

A month from the kick-off of the European Football Championship, one in eight of the new constructions will not be finished on time. "The biggest defeat" in terms of infrastructure are the highways that have not been completed.

Rzeczpospolita, Warsaw

Euro: It was supposed to be beautiful.

A group of economists and health experts appointed by the European Commission have recommended that it double taxes on cigarettes and other tobacco products to lower consumption.

The Times of Malta, Valetta

The European Union told to double tax on smoking.

The Institute of Human Rights proposes to delete the legal provision punishing blasphemy with four months in prison, while supporting the current criminalisation of racist words.

Institute: abolish the law against blasphemy