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10 October 2012
Ta Nea, Bild, Die Presse & 4 others
  • Greece-Germany

    She came, she saw, she conquered

    The highly publicised visit of Angela Merkel to Athens ended without any concrete results. The German chancellor affirmed her support for Greece's continued membership of the eurozone and acknowledged the country's efforts to emerge from the crisis. But she made no announcement about accelerating financial aid in order to rebalance the public accounts.

    Original article in Ta Nea el
    Ta Nea Athens
  • Greece-Germany

    Germany did not deserve this

    The German tabloid denounces "disgusting protests against Merkel in Athens" and regrets that the Germans pay "STILL more" for Greece, referring to a new €30 million package in aid to reform the Greek administration.

    Original article in Bild de
    Bild Berlin
  • Greece-Germany

    Blind fear of German austerity

    "Merkel is trying to change the tone with Greece," the Austrian daily writes. Kept well away from the chancellor's progress through Athens, about 40,000 Greeks protested against the austerity program imposed on the country.

    Original article in Die Presse de
    Die Presse Vienna
  • France

    Hollande obtains a "Yes, but ..." from left

    The French National Assembly has approved ratification of the EU fiscal compact by 477 votes to 70. 20 members of President François Hollande's ruling Socialist Party (PS) voted against.

    Original article in La Tribune fr
    La Tribune Paris
  • United Kingdom

    It's sink or swim for Britain, warns David Cameron

    In his speech to the Conservative Party conference, British PM David Cameron will “level with the British public” about the difficulty of the challenges facing the nation, the London daily reveals. The core values of “hard work, strong families, taking responsibility and serving others” are needed if the country is to “come through” the worst economic crisis in decades, Mr Cameron will warn.

    Original article in The Daily Telegraph en
    The Daily Telegraph London
  • Spain

    Parliament closes door to referendum in Catalonia and Basque Country

    By 276 votes out of a total of 350, the Spanish Parliament has rejected a motion by the Catalan separatist party Esquerra Republicana Catalunya (Catalonian Republican Left) to devolve the right to call referendums to the Catalan parliament. This would have given legal support to a possible referendum on independence for the region after regional elections of 25 November. The decision also concerns the similar case of the Basque Country, where elections will be held on November 21, with a probable victory for the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV).

    Original article in El Correo es
    El Correo Bilbao
  • Czech Republic

    I think of the survivors of Lidice

    German President Joachim Gauck is visiting the Czech Republic this 10 October. In an interview, he talked of his upcoming visit to Lidice, a village razed by the Nazis in 1942 after a fatal attack against the Deputy Reich-Protector of Bohemia and Moravia, Reinhard Heydrich, after which almost all the inhabitants were killed or deported. He will be the first German president to make such a gesture.

    Original article in Mladá Fronta DNES cs
    Mladá Fronta DNES Prague