Editorial charter


VOXEUROP.EU is a network of journalists who work in compliance with the present Editorial Charter and their national editorial charters. VOXEUROP.EU’s object is to present public discussion of a wide range of issues relating to the European Project and “bring the European Union to life” through the prism of press coverage in the 27 EU Member States, in the EU accession candidate countries and in the rest of the world, by selecting, verifying and disseminating news and information regarding the EU and “Europe” in the widest sense of the word.  The object pursued by VOXEUROP. EU’s partners and their professional journalists is to promote* informed democratic debate within the EU. VOXEUROP.EU’s Members and their professional journalists act wholly independently from any instructions, pressure or requests from any EU institution, partisan organisation or pressure group, and from any EU Member State or any other State or institution, concerning the content of VOXEUROP. EU’s "EU service" (i.e. EU-related broadcasts and programmes as provided for under the current contract between VOXEUROP. EU and the EU institutions). VOXEUROP. EU’s Members subscribe fully, in the operation and editorial choices of their press group, to the current applicable ethical standards of professional journalism. VOXEUROP.EU shall endeavour to present an impartial, balanced and openminded reflection of the debates and issues covered by the European and international press. VOXEUROP.EU’s Members shall endeavour to enliven and enhance the appeal of the issues addressed by VOXEUROP. EU, particularly by means of corresponding editorial treatment and reader interactivity. VOXEUROP.EU’s website shall offer balanced coverage of European news in 10 languages. For the purposes of the present Charter, “coverage of European news” does not mean exhaustive tracking of current events inside the EU and its Member States, but selective coverage of overarching issues, debates and opinions that cut across the European media. VOXEUROP.EU does not seek to present an exhaustive running log of the activities of the European Commission and the various EU institutions, but to disseminate, within the 27 Member States, institutional and political news about the European Union by providing impartial reporting or commentary by professional journalists on the actions and policies of EU bodies and institutions.


VOXEUROP.EU moderators are entrusted with the task of managing a network of website users in line with the website objectives. Moderators are to analyse the comments submitted by internauts and organise various activities, including contests, FAQ (frequently asked questions), discussion forums, online dialogue and opinion polls. The object of these activities is to promote internaut involvement in the issues addressed and goals pursued by VOXEUROP. EU. To this end, the moderators must monitor and filter the content of exchanges between users. In their capacity as moderators, they are authorised to expel any persons who violate applicable laws and regulations or fail to respect VOXEUROP. EU’s editorial spirit. Community moderators are to initiate and sustain community activity by proposing topics of discussion and activities in general. The activities organised and coordinated by community moderators provide VOXEUROP. EU with feedback about community users’ impressions of and satisfaction with our service. That helps VOXEUROP. EU in optimising its service to satisfy the needs and demands of the public. Community moderators must have an in-depth knowledge of VOXEUROP. EU and the domain in which they are working in order to meet community users’ expectations. Moreover, community moderators must have proven skills in public relations, the whole point being to build up community loyalty by means of a web portal. Community moderators must be conversant with the technical aspects of posting information online. Finally, they must know how to run a website that offers quality content.


Gathering and use of information by VOXEUROP. EU: - User identification information: VOXEUROP. EU may gather user-provided information such as user’s first and last name, e-mail address and age in order to authenticate user identity and send users information about VOXEUROP. EU. VOXEUROP. EU may also gather other profiling data, such as personal interests, gender, age* [again?], postal address and telephone number. Users’ personal information may not be communicated or made visible to other users. - User information not for identification purposes: IP address, personal profile information, user data and navigator type. These data are used to manage the site, monitor its use and improve the services it provides. They may be transmitted to third parties in order to personalise services and notices to users. User IP addresses are stored for purposes of security and oversight. VOXEUROP.EU or a VOXEUROP. EU partner may from time to time sponsor special offers or contests on VOXEUROP. EU. It may then request users to furnish personal information such as name, e-mail address or home address and to reply to questions in order to participate. VOXEUROP.EU will not disclose personal information to any advertising partners without the user’s prior express consent. The party gathering the personal information and the applicable privacy statement will be clearly specified whenever such information is requested. Links VOXEUROP. EU.fr contains links to other websites. VOXEUROP.EU is not responsible for the privacy policies and related practices of other sites. It is incumbent on the user, when clicking on a link to another site, to read that site’s statement of privacy policy. Our privacy policy only governs information gathered on VOXEUROP. EU. Correction/updating/deletion of information VOXEUROP. EU users may at any time change or delete all or parts of their personal information by accessing their personal profile. Security VOXEUROP. EU user accounts are protected by a password created by each user. VOXEUROP.EU takes all reasonable standard precautions to keep user account information confidential. However, unauthorised browsing or other uses, computer hardware or software failures, and other factors can compromise the security of user data at any time. The user shall be solely responsible for keeping his password secret. Users must immediately report to VOXEUROP. EU any unauthorised use of their password. Dissemination and disclosure of information gathered on VOXEUROP. EU Except as otherwise provided in this privacy statement, VOXEUROP.EU shall not disclose personal information to any third party unless we deem its disclosure necessary: (1) for us to meet legal requirements or comply with a subpoena, search warrant or any other court order to which VOXEUROP. EU is subjected, whether or not VOXEUROP. EU is obliged to comply by provisions of French or EU laws or regulations; (2) to enforce the contractual terms of use of VOXEUROP. EU or safeguard our rights; or (3) to maintain public security and that of users of the service. For more information, see the section below entitled "Modification of our privacy policy”. Modification of our privacy policy From time to time we may modify our privacy policy, in which case we shall post the changes on our site in order to advise users thereof and keep them abreast of what information we gather, how we use it and under what circumstances we may disclose it. Each user accessing the site after publication of a minor modification shall be obliged to comply with said modification. Nonetheless, if we intend to use any information capable of personally identifying any user in a manner substantially derogating from the manner of use stipulated at the time that information was gathered, we shall give 30 days’ advance notice thereof on our website.

Reader comments

We encourage (and sometimes translate) comments which include personal insight, specialist expertise, or facts which assist the reader in understanding the article.

We accept comments based on viewpoint alone, without regard to the opinion expressed.

We delete and edit comments which contain unreadable (or untranslatable) prose, defamation, clear hate speech or gratuitously offensive language.